Is Fracking the Energy Solution we are looking for?

One of the big new energy alternatives is fracking. The name actually refers to the technique which is used to extract some oil and mainly gas from underground. These are then used to fuel power stations. The whole industry has been hugely criticised by members of the public. As a green solution, fracking is obviously not the perfect solution. Although gas has less emissions than coal when it is burned, if any escapes into the air it can do immediate damage to the ozone layer. This is something which is highly controlled though and is unlikely to be a huge Read More

Green Power

Why are we not Using Green Power Alternatives?

There are many green power alternatives available as well as new ones being researched into. However, there are disadvantages with many of them and they may not all be as green as they seem. It would seem obvious that if we want to address climate change, that we should just switch all energy to green. It is not that easy though, with such a high demand for energy it is difficult to find the resources to provide green alternatives, particularly in the short term. It is worth remembering that many green sources of power are not constant. For example solar, Read More

Coal Power Stations

Are Coal Power Stations Still Relevant?

All of this protesting, the rise of renewable energy and climate change all bring forward the question as to whether coal powered energy stations are actually relevant any more. It is a highly debated issue and many people have very strong feelings on the issue. It is important to understand all of the arguments though. Coal as a resource is becoming harder to obtain and we are using it up. The easy to access supplies were mined long ago and so it is getting more difficult to get access to the coal that remains. This means that it is becoming Read More

Kingsnorth Coal Power Station

Kingsnorth Coal Power Station

Kingsnorth power station, located at the Hoo Peninsula, Medway in Kent generated energy form 1973 to 2012. It was decommissioned due to an EU directive which stated that a power stations that did not have Flue Gas Desulphurisation technology be closed down after 20,000 hours of operation or by the end of 2015. The hours of use meant that the station had to close in 2012. The owners of the power station, EON, decided that they would build a replacement power station at the site. These would also be coal fired units, like the old power station but they would Read More

Smart Grid

The Smart Grid

A Smart Grid is an intelligent electricity network. Unlike the older, ordinary grid system, the Smart Grid monitors can respond to changes in the outflow of electricity. This means that the provider is able to calibrate the consumption of electricity in the grid in order to achieve economical and eco-friendly ends. Monitors located in the transmission, distribution and consumption elements across the grid send information from electricity users back to the source which then responds by either reducing or increasing power to the area. Significantly, alternative or ‘green’ power sources can be integrated into the system in order to compensate Read More

Energy Problem

Can Individuals help the Energy Problem?

You may be wondering what you can do personally to help the energy problem. You may feel that you have very little influence, but actually there are a number of things that you can do which could have quite an impact, particularly on you and your family’s carbon footprint. There are energy companies that only invest in green energy. You will have to pay more for your gas and electric bills if you sign up to one of these, but you will know that the money that you are paying will be invested into green energy. If you check out Read More